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Someone struggling with distraction wonders how to go about creating more focus.  When we allow ourselves to become distracted from something that would ultimately elevate an area of our life to a higher level, it is helpful to jot down a list of any fears that may be “driving you to distraction.”  We often use distraction in the same we use procrastination…as a way to avoid fear of failure, of not being good enough or not deserving success.  Ask yourself if you are using distraction as a way to cope with fears.

Another possibility is that what you are up to is not in line with your core values or your gifts and talents.  Just because you can do something well doesn’t mean it is your true gift or calling.  There are many tasks we can learn to do and be very proficient at but if they are not related to that which inspires us we most likely won’t excel at our highest potential.

A great example of this was posted today on  A video called

The Surfing Dog ~ From Disappointment to Joy captures this lesson beautifully.  Richochet was being trained as a service dog and showed a great aptitude for the skills required.  However, this wasn’t his true calling.  He became distracted by birds and would run off chasing them, making him a less than ideal candidate even though he could open a fridge, turn on a light and pull down a coat zipper with great ease.  Only when his trainer recognized his ability and love of surfing did Richochet find his focus and his calling.

Check out the incredible impact he is now having in the world, then check in with yourself to see if you are using distraction to avoid something or if, perhaps, what you are up to is not in alignment with your core values and your true life purpose.  As an added bonus, Patrick, the quadriplegic surfer embodies an I-can-no-matter-what approach to living.  Talk about fearless!  (And notice that he is surrounded by an incredible support team of coaches…I’m just sayin’…)

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