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A Boutique Health Communications & Patient Engagement Agency

Know Trust Choose Act
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Critical Facts – Patients:


  • Aren’t always told about all of their treatment options and have difficulty communicating with their healthcare providers
  • Often feel talked at instead of being treated as an active partner in their care
  • Struggle with adherence and recommended lifestyle changes
  • Have concerns about data privacy and how their data may be used creating barriers to enrollment in clinical trials, patient support programs, and patient education events

How can you increase the possibility that healthcare providers and patients will choose your treatment or clinical trial?

We help you communicate and engage more effectively with your patients by

Building better understanding, trust and rapport

Educating about treatment options and side effect management

Providing patient-centric communications and support

We have the expertise, experience, and innovative solutions to help you improve patient communications and engagement.

What is the cost of non-adherence for your organization and your patients?

Globally, the costs of non-adherence tops $600 billion annually.
How much is 600 Billion dollars?

  • With $600 billion, we could cover the annual cost of care* for every person covered by
    Medicare. *Data from Peter G Peterson Foundation.
  • What is non-adherence costing your healthcare professionals?
  • What is non-adherence costing your organization? and, most importantly…
  • What is non-adherence costing your patients?

Up to 10% of all hospital readmissions are related to non-adherence

20-30% of prescriptions are never filled

Up to 50% of medications not being taken as prescribed

Up to 125,000 deaths annually

Contact us for a complimentary assessment on ways you can improve patient engagement and adherence.

Engaging Patients and Improving Adherence Require Comprehensive, Innovative Solutions

Healthcare Communications Consulting 

  • Marketing Collateral Review
  • Social Media Content Review
  • Patient Email/Text Messaging Content
  • Patient Portal/Website Content
  • Patient Education Content Creation
  • Patient Advocacy Events Design & Facilitation
  • Content for Patient Education Webinars/Events
  • Patient Story Scripts
  • Patient Call Center Scripts
  • Patient Mentor Call Scripts
  • Advocacy Organization Partnership Consulting

Engagement & Adherence Training

For nurses, clinical nurse educators, call centers, pharmacists, key opinion leaders, researchers, and other healthcare experts:

  • Advanced communications skills training
  • Adherence training
  • Patient education presentation training
  • Medical Conference & HCP presentation training

For Mentors & Patient Speakers:

  • Speaker Training Programs
  • Mentor Training Programs
  • Marketing Video Prep Training Programs

Our expertise is informed by:

  • Over a decade of experience actively advocating for patients and caregivers
  • Participation in patient advocacy organization events as attendees, presenters, and grant reviewers
  • Consulting and advising pharmaceutical organizations how to partner successfully with patient advocacy organizations
NIH Cancer Institute
Health e Voices
Tigerlily Foundation
OHSU Knight Cancer Institute
American Cancer Society

Just a few of the organizations we’ve been working with


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Columbia School of Nursing
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