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These days, it is becoming less about the to dos and more about the being.  If I am coaching others to face their fears, move past procrastination and to really start living toward their highest potential then I better be walking the talk.  Am I being someone who lives a coaching life ~ one where challenges present opportunities and where I can transform catabolic energy into anabolic to fuel my goals?

The truthful answer to this is not in every moment.

There are times when I react instead of respond.  The difference is now I can feel my energy down at a low point ~ my red flag that something is conflicting with my core values or that I’m not making a conscious choice in certain situation.  I notice when I’m out of alignment faster these days.  Then I am able to remind myself I can choose to stay in that experience of lower energy or I can consider another perspective or action to shift myself into a different place about it.

Sometimes I have to reach into my tool bag and pull out a meditation, a favorite mantra or a choice to go dance away my low energy.  I have more and more tools these days to draw on.  Make a list of the different tools and resources you have to shift yourself out of lower energy.  These may be actions you can take; people you can reach out to or alternative thinking you can apply to the moment.

Each day and every moment, you get to decide how you show up and who you want to be…choose wisely!

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