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Being an athlete all of my life trained me to push through. Left shoulder forward and slightly curved in like a football player getting ready to make a big hit. Right leg plants firm then propels me forward creating a burst of energy. Move. Move. Move. And keep going until you reach the finish line.

Twenty years working in film production cemented in this behavior. I can produce at a level that far surpasses what’s normal. Until I can’t. At some point, the mind and the body say enough. To not listen is to invite poor performance and burnout. Neither is an option for me. I love my work and I love doing it well.

How do you know when all you need is a day off? What are the signs for you that the long postponed vacation is up for scheduling? Is it forgetfulness? Mental fatigue? Low energy? Feeling less engaged than usual? It’s important to know your signs and to listen to them.

When your body speaks to you – listen. What choices do you need to make over the next six months that will give you time to rest? How much time do you really need? What is the value of honoring your body at this time? These are the questions I’m posing to myself this morning. Questions that need answers in the coming days. It is time to stop. It’s time to relax my shoulders, fold my legs up on a couch, and let a gentle breeze clear the cobwebs so that I can continue to do what I love at my best level of performance. It’s time to breathe. This is the long game – the secret to creating a sustainable lifestyle – something I need to remind myself…often.

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