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In part 1, What Did Martina McBride Get Right? We explored the gifts of the video, made with the intention of celebrating and honoring.  So why ‘dislike’ such a beautiful tribute?

It may seem strange, but I do understand.   As I’ve been known to remind my readers, there are two sides to every coin.  And some may view this as a softened view of the harsh reality and often devastating effects of cancer.  There are a few shots of women in headscarves but no one sporting a bald head.

Thankfully, the women look healthy.  No one here appears at this point to be ravaged by chemotherapy.  No mention of arguments with insurance companies, mounting bills, side effects or lives changed forever.

My sense is that some people may find this polished view of the cancer experience as one that denies their reality.  Perhaps they didn’t receive the kind of support or caregiving that these women who are flourishing beyond treatment were privy to?  Maybe they lost someone they loved to the disease? 

These may be some of the other truths about the journey for some people but anyone who has gone through this experience already knows the harsh realities.  The intention of the video is to uplift and to celebrate survivors, caregivers and their families and loved ones.  It will inspire some and may anger others, just like the color pink in October creates different reactions with people.

Bottom line, if this isn’t your thing, just click off the website and find what supports you where you are at in your journey.  Reach out for support for the feelings it evokes ~ be that anger, sadness or frustration so you can give those who connect with a picture of support and possibility their space.  No need to litter the ground with “dislikes”.

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