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I’m on the road to Vegas for the 5th Annual OMG Young Adult Survivors Conference.  A gathering of people whose lives have been touched by cancer, yet who are determined to create a better experience out of it for themselves and others.

Experts, caregivers, sponsors, survivors, friends, business associates and non-profit organizations have chosen to share a weekend getting informed, educated and inspired…and, of course, having fun…because they know what matters.

Life can be hectic, full of to do lists, opportunities, decisions and choices.  Sometimes we lose sight of the motivation behind what we are choosing to spend time on and who we spend it with.

Road trips give me the opportunity to do just that…check in with my priorities.  In the past, this might have occupied much of the drive time to Vegas.   But 2012 has been a breakthrough year for me.   I’ve never been so focused and clear, while also finding time to have fun and connect with extraordinary people and opportunities.  I am finally living my dream and in the company of those I enjoy investing time with, personally and professionally.

Still, the quiet time traveling between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is perfect for taking inventory and being sure that my actions and choices are in alignment with my priorities…and when I arrive at The Palms, I will be in the presence of others who truly understand what matters which is always a gift.

As you head into your weekend, consider finding some quiet time…on the road, riding a bike, walking on the beach…to ask yourself if who you’re being and what you’re up to expresses what matters to you.  It is only by getting clear on any gaps between our current choices and what is truly important to us that we can begin to make adjustments and take actions to live our most powerful and extraordinary life.

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