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As you go through your day, are you conscious and aware of the carbon footprint you are leaving?  What is the imprint that remains after you touch someone else’s life?  Are you taking or giving?  I see a carbon footprint as the trail of expended energy we leave behind when we interact with our environment.   Though most people think of it relative to the physical impact on the environment that use of resources like fossil fuels creates, I prefer to expand the application.

Certainly, using resources like fuel, electricity, paper and other resources wisely is very important.  It falls under the domain of Responsible Living.  Beyond the world of recycling and conservation, there is also room to be conscious about the energy we bring to our day and our interactions with others.  When you walk into a room, are you bringing in inspiration? Are you making a positive difference in the places and ways you show up in your life?

We can contribute to others in simple ways…a smile, a thank you, acknowledging someone or taking a moment to really listen.  You know how it feels to walk away from an interaction where you lightened someone’s load or helped him or her to feel appreciated.  You get to choose what you leave the person with or how you impact a situation.

Start being responsible for the energetic footprint you leave as you go through your day.  Imagine it like the wake behind a boat that churns up the water wherever it goes.  If the propeller is cutting its way through murky, marshy water then what is left behind is brown and cloudy.  But if it is cutting through clear, blue water there is a cleansing, white foam that appears.

Experiment for a week ~ consciously choose to show up in a way that you bring anabolic (positive) energy to as many conversations and situations as you can.  Catch yourself when you start into critical water cooler exchanges and ask yourself what kind of footprint are you leaving?  See what difference it makes in your day…and your surrounding environment…and watch for the ripple effect.

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