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checkmarksPrior to my coach training, had I used the list of the ten beliefs highlighted in Amandah Blackwell’s Huffington Post article, “Warning: These 10 Beliefs Keep You Stuck in Life,” I would have seen that more than 50% of thoughts I held to be true were holding me back from having the life I knew I wanted.  No surprise then that in the past I often felt stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated when my efforts to live my biggest life fell short.

Imagine 50% or more of your energy working against you, causing you stress and leaving you feeling unfulfilled.  I spent many years thinking I could “do” my way into the life I wanted.  It wasn’t until the first module of Life & Leadership Potentials Training (LPT) at iPEC when I started my coach training that I saw how my beliefs informed who I was being which then impacted the outcomes of my efforts.  The Coach Training Program (CTP) gave me the opportunity to become aware of and very clear about the beliefs I was holding about myself and the world.  With that awareness, I could then assess if each of those beliefs was either supporting me and enhancing my life or stopping me and detracting from what I wanted to be experiencing.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, overwhelmed or as if you know you could be living and leading a bigger life but there’s something in the way, check out Blackwell’s comprehensive list of beliefs and do an inventory for yourself.

  • How many of these beliefs are you currently holding?
  • What is that costing you?
  • How is your belief system supporting the goals and life you want and how is it detracting or holding you back?
  • How many more days, months or years are you willing to be held hostage by beliefs that no longer serve you?
  • What kind of support do you need to commit to and choose a path to changing those beliefs…today?!

Even holding just one of the ten as true will impact your energy and your outcomes in life.  We have so many amazing resources available today including great programs like iPEC’s Life and Leadership Potentials program, certified coaches applying coaching strategies in a very wide range of niche areas (i.e. coaching isn’t just for the business executive anymore), mindfulness training and more.  What would it take to invest some time and resources in changing just one of those ten beliefs and how would that impact your life?  …and what would it be like if, a year from now you were no longer being held hostage by what you believe and instead you are living the life you always imagined possible?


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