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As we head into the weekend, it is a good time to do a self-check and ask what it is you’re bringing to the party?  Personally, I put in a lot of hours into what I do.  So when I take time away from my work to relax, I want to have fun and enjoy myself.

A fellow salsa dancer recently commented that I always said I was great when asked how I was doing and didn’t I ever have bad days?

Of course, I have challenging times and things I am working through but the dance floor is not the place where I am going to air my issues.  I explained that I come to dance to let go of my day or my week.  I have many other more appropriate places to reflect on my work or my personal life and get appropriate coaching or support. 

I asked if she would rather me go into details of my challenges and low energy moments or experience what I feel when I am dancing…which is “great”?  Good point, was her response.   We laughed and were soon back on the floor doing what we both love to do…dance.

The reality is that we are inter-connected.  The energy we choose to bring to our work, our relationships, our hobbies and our social activities can have an impact on those we share those spaces with.

If we’re doing something to have fun and reduce stress then showing up in a “bad” mood, gossiping, whining about what’s not working in our lives or partaking in other inappropriate activity is like pooping in our sandbox.

If you’re coming to MY party, the only gifts I care about you showing up with are kindness, compassion, laughter and fun.  Gossip, victim thinking, blaming others and drama…check them at the door, please…because life is too short.

That’s one of the things I love about coaching survivors and caregivers.  Their experience with cancer often makes priorities and core values very clear to them, especially when we clear away the clutter of overwhelm, anxiety and fear.

We each have the power to choose to live responsibly, be empowered and lift up the energy of the world.  Now that’s my kind of party.

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