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The most important thing I can share with you in this first blog is that, after losing my husband to cancer, I did not want to go on living. Though it took and effort, today, I absolutely love my life! My goal is to provide others with tools, tips, and insights to master challenges in their lives.

My journey has been long, full of wrong turns, detours, some funny moments and one or two black holes. When my husband died, nothing in my life was the same. I fought to hold onto an old life and old dreams. I resisted change and, at times, raged at the universe for tearing my life into pieces. I’ve been angry and I suffered from grief-related depression. I’ve been hopeful, scared, inquisitive, reckless, raw, inspired and ultimately, successful in mastering this new life.

Eventually, I quit the film business, moved to Canada, studied psychotherapy, produced documentary films, traveled to Kathmandu, moved back to Los Angeles, got back into commercial production, took up salsa dancing and – later – Argentine Tango, quit the film business for good and became a life coach. I have finally arrived at the place I was meant to be. I love coaching and training healthcare professionals to improve their wellbeing and high performance and to help patients be more adherent. For over eight years, I’ve been a vocal patient advocate sharing my experience as a caregiver and as someone who has coached hundreds of cancer survivors and caregivers.

I am here to let you know that whatever challenges you may be facing, there is a way to work through them, find the gifts, uncover your brilliance and live with passion. I have gained a lot of insight and wisdom over the course of my grief recovery that I am committed to sharing with others.

I blog regularly about tips and tools for living boldly, designing an extraordinary life and thriving in the face of upset, sustainable behavior change, grief recovery, advocacy, stress reduction, and high performance. My wish for you is that your find the information, resources, and inspiration you need to live and lead an extraordinary life.

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