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No question, Martina McBride’s I’m Gonna Love You Through It is a touching video tribute to those with breast cancer.  It’s getting lots of plays and likes on Youtube…understandably so.

Three things I love about the video:

1. It celebrates the women who bravely do whatever it takes to heal from breast cancer.  The bonds they build from the experience are powerful.  Most women are naturally inclined to nurture so facing an illness that requires them to put their wellness first so, in the long run they can be their with their loved ones can be challenging as my clients often express to me.

2. It underscores the value of having a support team and a head cheerleader for those going through cancer. It is SO important…and yet it is so human for both survivors and caregivers to isolate, not want to be a burden and try to do it alone.

It is hard for family to stand by and watch their loved one suffer. When they are allowed to participate as a caregiver, they feel more empowered, more useful and like they can make a difference.  It is, however, important to keep this in balance.  Check out (The Final Tally & Being of Service for more on this.)

3. It celebrates the caregiver as well as the survivor. Caregivers often live in the shadow of the illness, many times ignored by the medical team and even family and friends. It is easy to feel guilty about having needs, wanting someone to ask how you are doing or needing support. After all, you’re not the one with cancer.

In the video, Sheryl Crow acknowledges “…when you’re diagnosed with cancer, everyone around you is diagnosed as well.”

And survivors “sing” praises about the caregivers who are there for them while McBride is the voice that acknowledges the challenges and fears that sometimes come with treatment and recovery.

On the YouTube page, there are many great comments, a lot of likes and a couple of dislikes. “Who ‘dislikes’ a video like this,” asks one of those posting comments?  Good question.

Check back in on Friday this week to read What’s With the ‘dislikes’?

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