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Let’s be honest.  If you are here on my site reading this blog, it is because you a part of you is looking for a change.  You have a sense that something isn’t working or that you want or deserve more and you’re making an effort to seek out some new insights or tools.  For the most part, we typically manage to survive and do okay without outside intervention.  We make due, get part way to our goals, achieve success in some areas but miss in others.  AND…most of us are not living at our highest potential.Coaching is one option for creating the change you crave.  It is not that a coach has some kind of divine wisdom and knows better than you what you need.  Coaching is a modality that helps reveal your inner genius.  Only YOU know what is the decision, choice or action that best aligns with your core values and what inspires you in life.

Our genius tends to get buried under layers of negative thoughts.  During our waking hours we have multiple thousands of thoughts flying through our conscious mind, many of them negative, or catabolic, in nature.  Perhaps this is a leftover survival mechanism from man’s early days when not anticipating every possible wrong turn could result in immediate death.   Head out into the woods for food and fail to anticipate rocky terrain, dangerous animals or quicksand and your chances of making it back to the cave are significantly reduced.  As with many survival mechanisms left over from thousands of years past, many do not apply to modern life.

Coaching helps you get present to the tendency to take in catabolic thoughts, play it safe and fail to take risks that in the modern day world are necessary to succeed at a high level and truly live your vision.  When we clear away the clutter of the how could I possiblys and I’m not good enoughs, clients can find creative solutions to problems or things that have blocked them in the past.  We send confusion on its way and generate the space for clarity and insight.

Genius is always present, I believe.  It simply needs to be given the opportunity to rise above the clutter of every day thinking in the quiet internal experience we generate on coaching calls or through meditation, journaling or other modalities.  It is not important how you access your genius…just that you do.  And when I get the honor of working with clients to hold that space and knowing that they have all their own answers, I get to witness human nature in some of its extraordinary moments.  No matter how you choose to get, start tapping into your genius and experiencing the all that you already know.

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