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My time so far at the MD Anderson Cancer Survivorship Conference has been filled with education, valuable information, insights and many new connections to people who are doing their part to turn the cancer experience into a way to help others.

I’ve met some incredible people and heard some amazing stories…ones that I can’t help but share with you.  I’ll be interviewing some of the attendees who are doing extraordinary things in the coming weeks.

To welcome some of my new friends and connections stopping by because they met me today at the conference, I’m posting a short selection of some of my past blogs….and for my regular readers, these are worth checking out if you missed them the first time:

Who Doesn’t Get to Quit ~ celebrating the tenacity of survivors and caregivers.


Anna’s Story ~ my interview with a 14 year old cancer survivor who shares her wisdom, grace and courage.



Self-Care Isn’t Self-ISH ~ reminder to caregivers about the benefits of taking care of your needs, too!


A Vision of Clarity ~ interview with the artist and creator of The Breast Project.


I invite you to read and, if one or more speaks to you, please pass it on.  To my new readers…welcome and please take advantage of the wealth of information here on this website.

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