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iStock_000018582922XSmallWhen people see me now and know what I’ve been through, they are curious about the path I took to transform my loss into so much light, love, and possibility. I love inquiries like this as it gives me a reason to pause and reflect on what has contributed to me being able to recreate my life.

For me, it involved three main components:

  1. Having access to enough physical and emotional energy to engage in life with a sense of purpose and with passion. When I was struggling with grief related depression, it severely impacted my energy. I spent many days unable to truly engage in life.
  2. Being able to integrate the many different aspects of the experience in a way that allows me to feel an inner peace and reconciliation. It is not possible to thrive from a place of dis-ease, as in lack of ease. I’ve done a lot of work to take the strengths and things I admired in my late husband and infuse them into my life and how I show up. It makes me a more whole individual and is a way that Gary’s legacy lives on through me.
  3. Finally, seeing the evidence and having the experience of living life fully again fuels me to keep making the effort. When I allow myself to really observe the high level of satisfaction in all areas of life that are important to me, I am both grateful and inspired. This doesn’t mean I have necessarily achieved or received all I desire but I see progress and that feels great. I see growth and I see potential for achieving even more of what I desire.

You can’t rush through this process. The work involved with getting back on track with my emotional and physical energy was intense and took time. But this is an essential ingredient. Going from loss to feeling like you’re thriving again isn’t without its challenges…but when you land on the other side, it is worth every moment.

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