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Happiness can be illusive, particularly if we rely on external events or situations to create it.  One key to happiness is to look to oneself not others.  We can’t control what others think, say or do.

The reality is no one can make you happy, sad, angry or any other emotion.  You allow that to happen in how you choose to re-act to a given situation or comment.  Sometimes others are preoccupied, thoughtless or in so much pain that the only way they can feel better is to bring someone else down.

If someone does or says something and you react in a catabolic, or destructive, way it is an opportunity to check-in and see why you are being triggered.  Somehow what they’ve tapped into is an area where you are less confident or doubt yourself.  This is an opportunity to notice and clear out beliefs that no longer serve you.

The reality is that it takes quite a bit of personal work to get to a place of rarely having a down moment and, in fact, hitting a bump or slump can help us to appreciate the good times.  On those days or in those moments where I am experiencing lower energy, I remind myself that, “this, too shall pass”.

Change is a part of life and nothing, not the up times or the downtimes, can last forever.  I use this same phrase to remind myself during great moments to really enjoy it and take it in as that won’t last forever either.

Completing the Energy Leadership Index Assessment armed me with a greater understanding of the role of energy in my life.  This has helped me to spend much less time experiencing down moments.  If I do find myself feeling low, I am able to use my tools and shift out of it fairly quickly.

Like most of us, at times I get stuck, stopped, frustrated and disappointed…I continue to build the muscles of consistently living in higher energy levels but I am much more aware of the triggers that knock me off my game and I know I can catapult myself out of it.  I look mostly to myself to create my state of happiness.

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