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As I child, I loved to make up stories about imaginary characters.  Anything was possible including riverbeds filled with chocolate and flying carpets.

In Grade Nine, Miss Livingston (don’t dare add an “e” to it!) put a stop to all that nonsense.  Every essay submitted to her had to begin with “The purpose of this essay is…” and end with “In this essay, I have shown that…”

Needless to say, I became great at academic writing.  It makes sense, then, that my thesis film would be a fact based documentary, not a fictional piece.  While in the film business, I had the opportunity work in all arenas ~ television, features, commercials, documentaries and reality television.  It was my work producing documentaries that disclosed to me how much truth there is in the statement that each of us has a story to tell.

What story have you told so far?  Is it one of playing it safe or taking risks?  Are you playing the hero or just a bit part?  Does it have you on the edge of your seat or yawning and nodding off?

The purpose of this essay is…to create awareness about the power we each have to be the author of our own lives, choosing to tell an extraordinary tale of caring, giving and making a difference if we so wish.  Something that is not possible if you live life by a formula, repeat the same patterns over and over and never stretch outside of the box.

They say writing is rewriting.  Until you set your pen down by the side of the page, it is never too late to add another chapter, take your main character on an adventure or alter your destination.  Now is when you get to decide how you will face a challenge…the challenge of a cancer diagnosis, the impacts of treatment, the strain of watching a loved one you are caring for go through cancer or the fears we naturally face when our life is turned upside down by an unanticipated circumstance.

Consider your plans and goals for the rest of March.  In a few weeks the first quarter of 2011 will be over.  Now take out your red pen and edit out that which doesn’t serve you.  In the space this creates, add in something that inspires you.  Live the life you wish to create and the one you deserve!

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