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Recently, a client made the comment that it seemed staying oblivious with one’s head dug deeply in the sand seemed to take much less effort than being present and aware.  It may appear the unaware make their way from one day to the next without too much angst or loss of sleep, but we know from my Growing Our Own Green Grass blog post that appearances are basically uninformed assumptions.

Leading a conscious life DOES require effort.  Responsible living means taking time to connect to your feelings, responding from insight instead of reacting and understanding the impact of your interactions with others and your environment.

But recall the two sides to every coin conversation.  For the extra energy, attention, time and education it takes to lead a more aware life what you get in exchange far outweighs what you invest.   Identifying what matters most and making choices to design a life that reflects your core values, interests and passions creates ease and peace.

Also, there is an assumption that there are no ramifications to staying relatively unconscious.  Ultimately, your heart and soul sense when you are out of alignment.  The imbalance will eventually wear on you becoming symptomatic in areas such as relationships, health and happiness.  Like a cavity, it may start very small but left unattended and you’ll soon feel a dull ache.  If you continue to ignore the signal your body is sending, it will amplify it until you can no longer ignore it.

The work my clients are doing requires effort.  They are asking themselves to step up their game, which takes courage and the willingness to face one’s fears and whatever limiting beliefs have held them back until now.  They are investing time and money to not only educate themselves and learn new tools but also to create a life that is true to their desires, dreams and highest potential.  In many ways, they are using coaching as a preventative….a pre-emptive strike against regret.  And the transformations they are generating are ah-mazing.

When they truly integrate the Energy Leadership paradigm they learn through my teleclasses and individual coaching sessions, the reward is greater ease and peace.  Their actions align with their greater intentions. They are free to make choices.  This is a life with a lot of breathing room.  So…head in the sand until you can’t stand living in the dark anymore or the freedom of a life that expresses your truth?

What’s next?  Check tomorrow’s blog for insight into the faulty thinking of ‘just do it’.

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