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There is one missing key element to add to the process before you tap into your Energy Management Toolbox. Acknowledge and validate.   It is okay to sometimes feel low energy, tired, frustrated or scared.  What you wish to avoid is getting stuck there.  Acknowledge what you are feeling.  Sometimes that alone will begin to shift things.

One of my clients uses a journaling technique we call the brain dump when he’s feeling stuck.  He starts with a blank piece of paper and writes “I feel…” at the top then jots down every word that comes to mind.  He then stars the top three he feels are the biggest energy wasters (for example frustrated).  From there he writes out “I feel frustrated because…” then creates another list of all the reasons he believes he is experiencing frustration.

Sometimes the brain dump gives him clarity on a specific issue and sometimes it is simply a clearing out of clutter.  Other clients use mirror work to acknowledge and validate what they are feeling.

When you resist or ignore it, like a dam it will build up until it spills over somehow.  To avoid collateral damage, bringing awareness to these feelings.  Then use the other tools in the toolbox you create for yourself to avoid things like yelling at someone for no reason, road rage, physical issues such as headaches and other unconscious pressure valve releases.  It will increase the quality of your life and create a positive ripple effect on out into the world.  Win/win!

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