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No matter how motivated, dedicated and inspired I am about the goals I’ve set and the action plan I’ve created, I have those moments where I get stopped.  The deeper I integrate my coach training into my life, the less often this happens…but it does happen.

In the past, it was easy to hit a speed bump…or a wall…and get stuck for days.  Working with my coach last year, we created my Energy Management Toolbox.  It’s a short list of actions I can take that help me shift the energy and get back into action.

My work as a cancer survivorship and caregiver coach is inspiring and meaningful.  I truly do love what I do.  My clients face and work through life threatening situations much greater than any challenges I face as a coach.  Speaking and writing about what I do is both healing and can also sometimes trigger old feelings of loss.  There are days when what I do reminds me how much cancer stole from me.

The Energy Management Toolbox is a great way for anyone to work through those moments when it all just seems too hard.  For cancer survivors and caregivers, it is even more essential to keep your energy gas tank as full as possible.  The added stress of the impact of a chronic illness diagnosis and the incredible amount of resources of time, money, emotions, focus to heal or help another who is healing and the strain on your physical body is significant.

To counterbalance low energy and move back into action, I worked with my coach last year to generate an Energy Management Toolbox.  He asked me a simple question ~ what helps me to shift my energy when it is blocked?   Here’s my list:

Tambre’s Energy Management Toolbox

1. 1st Thing Visualization. Every morning before I start my day I ask myself  what box am I getting up into?  The small one or the big one?  The small box is the about playing it safe, doing what’s comfortable and just getting through the day.  The big one is about stepping out of the box, stretching into uncomfortable and creating breakthrough moments.

2.  Move Your Body. Using actual physical movement of some kind gets your energy moving on many levels.  If I’m really stuck, I head over to Soho Dance LA, get onto the dance floor with my music playing and move.  Just fifteen minutes can make all the difference.

3. Change Location. I work from home so sometimes I need a change of location.  I usually head to Starbucks where I can work quietly, enjoy a soy chai latte and be more connected to my community.  I learned about my local Chamber of Commerce by speaking with a member one day as she waited for her coffee.

4. Get Reconnected to Yourself. As a Reiki master, I love chakra work.  It helps me to place one hand on my heart and the other on my solar plexus and connect the two while breathing.  Using centering techniques like this can help us get grounded and balance any wonky energy.

What three or four tools can you create to use the next time you feel stuck or stopped?  Check back in tomorrow for “The Final Piece.”  There is a secret ingredient to breaking through what’s stopping you!

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