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Sometimes things are flowing and at other times, we need to take stock…when we’ve taken on too much or our energy is low.

No matter whether we’re feeling overwhelmed or lacking energy because of health challenges, being a caregiver, launching a business or just staying on top of a full life, here are five easy steps to get back on track…

  1. Assess ~ sit still and invest a few minutes in creating a priority list.
  2. Evaluate ~ what short term, mid-term and long term actions or goals are connected to each priority.  Are you attending to a balance of the different areas in your life…career, relationship, health/wellness, finances, enjoyment.
  3. Reset ~ based on how much time you want to invest each day in your short term, mid-term and long term goals.
  4. Rest ~ set aside recuperation time.
  5. Restart ~ having taken stock and reset priorities, hit the restart and get back on track with renewed energy and focus.

Note to self!

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