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What!  Three days since my last blog post?  How could that be?  It’s been a phenomenal week and I will be sharing some of the breakthrough news happening on the cancer survivorship & caregiver coaching front soon.  But in the whirlwind of everything, I got to recognize the power of using my tools and training.

Whether you are inundated with responsibilities and tasks at work, at home, or dealing with the aftermath of a cancer diagnosis as a caregiver or survivor, here are some quick tips you can use to overcome the overwhelm.

  1. Prioritize.  Create a list of what you need to accomplish and then get clear on the by when you need to complete it or integrate it into your schedule.
  2. Schedule.  Don’t leave your items on the list.  Set them into a schedule and use that as your go to if you start to get distracted.
  3. Forget multi-tasking.  In theory, it is a great idea.  Practically, it takes longer to complete multiple tasks at the same time than it does to focus on one thing.  If you can’t complete something because you’re waiting for something from someone else, make whatever requests are necessary to be sure it’s in process and then set aside that task and focus on something else until you can return to it.
  4. Press Pause.  Don’t be afraid to take a time out…just don’t spend any energy on shoulding yourself.  In the past, I would have expended quite a bit of energy around ‘I should get something up on my blog’.  This week, I allowed myself to press pause and step away knowing I was attending to items on my priority list that could not be shifted.

If you could press pause on a project or circumstance this weekend, what would it be?  More importantly, what possibility might you create for yourself by taking a time out and stepping back for a minute?

Here’s what you might experience…

  • a mental break which can energize you and help you tap into creativity next time you pick up the task or revisit the situation.
  • fun and enjoyment which is part of thriving even if it’s cancer you or a loved one is dealing with.  Sometimes you just need a break from that conversation.
  • a fresh perspective.
  • reconnecting with friends, family…or yourself!
  • rejuvenation.

These are just some of the gifts awaiting you…if you can just manage to hit “pause” for a small window.  Enjoy!

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