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It is easy to get caught up in the noise of life.  But when it becomes deafening and we cannot hear our own heartbeat, it is time to retreat into the silence of ourselves and embrace the stillness.  For this is a space of creation.

When others bang drums and parade loudly, trying to be heard it can be a challenge to stay connected to our knowing.  Shoulds get shouted from rooftops showering down in a rain that burns.  This is not the stuff of inspiration or possibility.

A call to action requires action, however the hero’s journey is primarily taken alone with the help of a few strategic, supernatural partners who support and assist along the way.  They hold the space for the hero to own his or her own courage and inner strength and embrace the challenges.

Certainly growth requires forward movement, but at times it also requires going from the external to the internal…into the silence of what we already know.

As a survivor or caregiver, if you often feel like you want to grab a pillow and put it over your head to drown out the clamor of shoulds, have tos, advice, if I were yous and other noise, experiment with what brings you peace and stillness.

You may need to choose, at times, to step away from others and reconnect with yourself.  This is different from isolating.  It isn’t a long term condition.  It is time to meditate, to walk in nature, to float in water, to rest.

Though we may hope the energy of being around all that clamor might be what we need, it can actually become a distraction instead.  Our greatest moments in performance do not occur in the loudness of the standing ovation but in the crystal clear moments of perfection that make us hold our breath.

We find ourselves and express our truth in that space and if they are followed by applause and appreciation, so be it.  But we do not make this pure connection with ourselves and create this pure expression in order to receive applause.  We do not accept the hero’s journey call to action to please others or for the external accolades, we do it because it is the path that leads us to our inspired life.

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