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Today, thousands of friends and families will fold their hands to take a moment and say grace.  It is a ritual expressing thanks.  During dark times, finding the energy to be grateful can be a challenge.  Cycles in life include ebb and flow.  Sometimes we have what it takes to give.  Other times, all we can manage is to receive.

During the years when I didn’t have the energy to give much, those who gave to me planted seeds of grace.  They nurtured me over time, back to life.  So many caring hands, carrying me when I couldn’t take a single step on my own.  Applauding me when I began to rise again from the crushing blow that had taken me to the ground. Leading me onto the dance floor to recapture my passion for living.  Guiding and supporting me as I chose the path of serving others and making a difference for cancer survivors and caregivers through my coaching business.

Large and small kindnesses planted seeds of hope and an appreciation for all those who held open the possibility for me that one day I would love my life again.  Year by year, I made my way back to a place where I have the strength and the energy to express my gratitude and plant seeds of grace for others who may be struggling through their own difficult time.

So this Thanksgiving, yet another year into my own personal healing, I see the seeds of grace have grown in both myself and others.  It is with grace and out of service I see those around me investing incredible amounts of energy to transform the lives of others…and for this, I am truly grateful!





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