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It can be difficult to admit it, but there can be those days as a caregiver where you feel trapped by your circumstances.  It’s natural and okay.  I know as much as I loved my late husband, there were times when it was all just too much for one person to handle.  Feeling this way is a sign you need to apply some self-care.

I’ve written on this topic before, gently encouraging caregivers to see that Self-Care Isn’t Self-ish (such an important topic, I wrote an e-book available on Amazon for less than $10). Today, I’m going to rattle some cages…check out this article, Caregivers Have Negative Behaviors right now for some startling statistics on the toll caregiving is having.

It’s time to create a different approach.  Stop and assess how you are currently experiencing your role as a caregiver (and this easily extends to parents raising children).  Are you engaging in any behaviors that detract from your own well being?  If so, reach out for some support to get the tools you need to preserve your own health so you can continue to be there for your loved ones.

Recognizing Caregivers at ACS Summit for 2012

At the American Cancer Society’s volunteer training event for the 2012 Relay for Life season, those of us who were caregivers were asked to stand to be acknowledged.  I was surprised to see what a large percentage of the group fell into this category.

Survivors and ACS have a special caring for caregivers and, in fact, ACS has extended their mission to put more emphasis this coming year on the contributions of caregivers.  Standing ovation for this group, many whom continue to volunteer even when the outcome for their loved one resulted in losing them to the disease.  They still find the energy to fight back and make a difference.

What is one action you can commit to today that will contribute your own personal wellbeing today, knowing it gives you even more energy for those you care for.

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