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What would it be like to shut down for a day this weekend?  Turn off the phone, step away from the computer and disengage?

I am guilty of being too connected at times.  This week I found myself needing to disengage on some levels.  It gave me the chance to re-assess (“re” because I am regularly assessing what is working, what isn’t working then adjusting and shifting to bridge the gap between where I am and where I want to be).  I can get caught up in the busy-ness of life.  It can feel a bit like jumping on a hamster wheel and suddenly realizing it’s spinning a lot faster than when you started.

So sometimes, I need to jump off.  When I do, I look at my priorities, goals and commitments.  I check in to see if my actions are aligning and supporting my core values and what it is that I’m up to.  I notice where there is room for improvement and create a plan to change.

To stay clear about the life I am leading, I sometimes I need to go into radio silence.  What might you discover if you disengaged for a few hours?  What does your personal inventory reveal to you?  What is it like to be silent in your own presence?  How might you live in a more grounded, centered way if you allowed yourself to shut down and get clear once a week for a few hours?  As I often do with my clients, I encourage you to experiment.  If it doesn’t work, fine.  It may lead you to an approach that works better for you to engage with yourself.  Radio silence is a chance to get re-energized, re-connected and re-focused.  You’re invited!

And now…walking the talk and maintaining radio silence. 

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