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Sometimes there is a limit to pushing the limit.  Sometimes the most important thing to know is how to say no…to yourself or others.  It is great to set the bar high and to strive to achieve extreme levels of productivity.  It is wonderful to make the choice to approach life with a do whatever it takes attitude to put your dreams into action.  And it is also valuable to know when you need to give yourself a break.

  • Are you someone who gets bogged down by procrastination or do you err the other way and over-commit and overdo?
  • How can we balance being unreasonable with ourselves and do what it takes to go after an extraordinary life with being responsible to our well-being and getting enough rest?

The concept of giving myself a break threatens the perfectionist in me who wants to do it all…right now.  I can already hear her taunting me for not pushing harder.  After all, there is a long list of to dos and three or four things that if I knocked them off tonight would make me feel better about how my day starts tomorrow.  But what is cost?  I’m finally beginning to understand how to assess when a need must overtake a want.  I want right now to jump into action and hack away at my to do list as fast as I can.  I need, instead, time to recuperate and rest.

There is a difference between listening to your body when it is telling you it’s hitting a limit and letting your mind run the show when you are using procrastination to hide inaction.  Just being aware of the distinction will help you know the healthy choice to make in that moment.  There is something exciting, powerful and valuable in pushing the limits, so from time to time cruise into that lane for some fast forward action…but know when you need to call it day.

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