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Recently I’ve been extolling the virtues of the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (which I am completely comfortable doing, given that it changed my life.) So…how does it work?

Imagine you’re Dorothy. You feel trapped, overwhelmed, afraid of the unknown and what’s to come. Flying monkeys circle around you at the order of the Wicked Witch. And suddenly you’re standing there face to face with a major obstacle that acts like a wall between you and your goal.

In a moment of desperation, looking for any way out, you grab a bucket of water. You’re not sure why, just that your instincts are telling you to do SOMETHING. You follow your heart and toss the bucket onto the Witch causing her to evaporate and clearing the road for you to keep moving toward your goal.

Welcome to the Energy Leadership Index Assessment…think of it as your bucket of water.  Just twenty minutes online can reveal lifelong patterns, places you are holding yourself back, ways you are costing yourself precious time and energy. Completing the assessment and going through the private coaching session with me that is included, literally evaporates the confusion as to what is blocking you and creates clarity so you can begin to design action steps that get you moving toward your goal again.

It’s like throwing light into the darkness that is the unknown. Ask any child and they’ll tell you that keeping the light on is the best way to ensure no monsters are in the room. When I work with my clients we dissolve blocks, old patterns and catabolic (destructive) thoughts that are holding you back from thriving. Together, we throw water on the witch.

Though Dorothy always had the power inside her to find her way back to Kansas, it took facing her fears, tapping into new skills and tools, having a support team and working with a coach to finally see this for herself. Are you ready to “follow the Yellow Brick Road”?

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