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Just the word “cancer” can bring up a lot for people so it is not surprising that finding the right words can be tough when you learn someone you know and care about has been diagnosed. Most people have good intentions, but in general, as a society we’re not well-prepared to respond to this kind of news, particularly if it is unexpected.

Today on Facebook cancer survivor, Mel Majaros shared a video she was in with interviewer, author and fellow survivor, Betsy de Perry. While each person is unique as to which conversations most support them, this video offers great insights and guidelines.

Mel puts us right in the survivor’s shoes in very easy to understand examples of how to and some common pitfalls as well and Betsy does a great job with additional information.

We would all hope to never have to have this talk with our loved ones, but if you’re facing that challenge, take 4 minutes and let Mel and Betsy walk you through some great dos and don’ts today.  Mel, thank you for sharing so others may learn from your experience!

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