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In Part 1 of Oh My Aching… I did a side by side comparison of how in the past I ignored early warning signs of places in my life that were calling for attention.  I shared my new way of approaching with awareness and choosing to be proactive in resolving the issue instigating the warning sign before it became a major problem.

These days, when I feel stress, strain, worry or low energy, I choose a different path.  I know to check in and listen to the symptom.  Then I apply appropriate tools which ultimately limits the long term damage, major pain and the possibility of ending something I love doing because I didn’t listen.

What does coaching have to do with sore knees?  It is the path I’ve followed to find peace, ease, passion and purpose.  Who doesn’t want some of that?

I sometimes have people who saw one of my brochures, read my blogs or heard me speak at an event call to find out about coaching.  They made the call because they felt a twinge of some kind when they heard about what I do.  Something in them knows a part of their life needs attention, new tools, a new approach.

Yet I often hear that they feel when X happens is when they will need a coach.  Coaching is a great support in a crisis.  Sometimes people don’t know it is available until they reach that point.

But for those who get the twinge earlier, listen to your inner wisdom.  It has led you to this point.  Why wait until you’re having to pick up the pieces?  Take a page from my book and listen to the small pain now instead of waiting until you need knee surgery and have lost something you love.

What if investing the time and resources now into a coaching program could re-route you past the town of “If Only I’d Had These Tools Before I Ended Up In a Crisis” and around the black hole of “Nothing is working” to a destination of “Yes, life will bring me challenges but I can be proactive and respond to them now instead of panicking and simply reacting”?

This is the difference between a thriving approach to life and a merely surviving.  Which feels better to you?  My guess is thriving is what you truly want, desire and deserve.  Find out in 20 minutes or less if you will be a thriver in life or just a survivor.

Click here to sign up for the Energy Leadership Index Assessment which will show you clearly where you are holding yourself hostage in survival mode and what blocks you need to break through to be free to thrive.


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