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I just love when something I’ve written or a dialogue I am having with a client serves as a reminder to me.  These little “note to self” moments help keep me on track in my own life.

This morning, as I was checking through my posts for comments that may need attention, I came upon a short post I wrote for my Your Tango page, “A Different Kind of Spring Cleaning.” It is a brief walk down memory lane recalling the days of spring back in Canada when my mother would throw open the windows wide and go room to room cleaning out the residue of winter.

My spin on that memory was to invite my readers to give their thinking a spring cleaning…which is a great idea.  But when I came upon the article this morning and looked around at the clutter that accumulated from being way over-extended in April with all my commitments, I realized my “note to self” today is that it’s time for a real spring cleaning.

I don’t believe in a double standard and since I ask my clients and readers to clean up their messes…whether its actual clutter, emotional clutter or thoughts that no longer serve them, then I had better walk the talk and do the same.  What is it that if you cleared it out today would help you feel like you had lightened your load?

If you are a cancer survivor or caregiver and need a helping hand with your spring cleaning, this is a great opportunity to ask for help.  Often people struggle to know how to help when someone they care about has been touched by cancer.  Giving them ways to participate in making a difference is a gift.  Invite some of your friends over for a cleaning and cupcake party.

Keep it simple if you don’t have a lot of energy (and if that’s the case, then consider talking to me about my i-Thrive! System and how it can help you increase your physical energy levels and my special pricing for my readers).

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