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There are times in life we find ourselves wrestling with thoughts and fears that stand in the way of really going for our dreams.  A reader asks, “what are some of the ways you can move beyond the fears?”  I have three basic approaches I put into play when fear strikes:

1.  I communicate with my coach.  Being trained as a coach and investing the time and money in working with a coach has changed my life.  When I can’t see my bigger vision through the fog of fear or the confusion of trying to figure things out, I have someone there to help me reconnect to my mission.

2.  My weekly plan is a key to getting grounded and back on track.  Fear comes out of looking too far down the road and asking what if, how will I?  Pull out you plan and get down to the practical steps you’ve outlined that move you into the action of your dream.

3.  Tap into the modern day tribal storytelling that is all around you.  Find the stories of others that inspire you and demonstrate that when you put your mind to it, anything is possible.  I know many of you have already seen Randy Pausch’s “Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” but it is worth watching again…and again…and again. has re-posted it today.  Heading into Labor Day, closing out the last production job of my career, looking forward to finishing up the design of my Toronto Workshop Tour coming up mid-September…it seemed a perfect start for the weekend.  Check out Randy Pausch’s “Last Lecture” on

There is inspiration all around us.  There is always someone else who has faced greater challenges and made their dreams come true.  Pausch’s story reminds me there are no excuses.  There is only living the inspired life at your highest potential or looking back at the end of your life and asking yourself, what if you had not let fear, limiting beliefs or anything else get in the way of leading an extraordinary life?  Randy Pausch knew the answer to that question.

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