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Here is a list of my Top 5 Procrastination Tools:

  1. Social media – no explanation needed.
  2. Cleaning – closets, the kitchen, my email inbox, or my computer files. The outcome has an upside. More space, better organization, donations to local charity groups.
  3. Wandering the Web – This is different than surfing. I surf when I am looking for information. Wandering is when I wonder about a topic that is of interest but not something that moves me toward my goal. Not bad in and of itself but when I get so far down the links that I can’t recall what it was I started to research in the beginning, I know I am wandering.  Wandering = avoiding.
  4. Thinking it over – Again, nothing wrong with giving a situation, task or idea some consideration but when I get to the point where I’ve spent more time thinking about it than it would take for me to complete it I know I’ve landed back in procrastination.
  5. Taking a walk – Moving my body often shifts my thinking and helps me to get unstuck. Physical activity reduces stress and has other great wellbeing benefits.

As a creative thinker, I know there are points when procrastination serves me. Sometimes it is part of me getting to the core concept of what I’m working on or coming up with new approaches and out of the box concepts. I also know that with some tasks, when you procrastinate there are occasions when a project changes and that item is no longer relevant.

But on days when it keeps me from moving my goals, dreams and desires forward and stops me from living fully in the moment and being on purpose, I must then ask myself what it is I am avoiding.

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