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It’s the weekend. A time for….the gym, laundry, groceries, dry cleaning, car wash, clean garage, organize closest. Having a to do list can keep you focused and help you prioritize tasks. It’s a great tool. But how often do you scan the list and find things like have fun, relax, read a great book, dance, dust off your camera, nap, go hiking?

A tool that works great in some scenarios does not necessarily mean it should be applied to everything. If you find you’re spending your down time ticking items off a never-ending list perhaps it is time to set it down and go have some fun.

No matter what challenges and goals you are investing your energy and efforts in, setting aside time to relax and enjoy life. Engage with those you love. Spend time with someone who makes you laugh. Tuck the to do list into your back pocket and take a deep breath. Eventually, somehow things like laundry, errands and sweeping the garage get done.

You may find, as you start into your work week next week that by giving your to do list a rest and doing something that refreshes you and has you feel like you are enjoying life, you have even more energy and focus to check off those items. Worth a try?

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