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Over the course of my years with iPEC, I’ve heard many life changing and profound perspectives and insights from our founder, Bruce D Schneider. But there is one that stands out as December comes to a close and so many people begin to think about the year ahead.

Awhile back, a group of iPEC coaches was on a call with Bruce when someone asked him for his thoughts on vision boards. I can still hear that unique inflection of his as he started to share his perspective.

Essentially he said if it’s something that speaks to the client, then, like any other tool, go ahead and use it. Big pause. Then he added a caveat to it that I draw on to this day when I come up with a strategy or vision.

“Just remember to leave room for the magic.”

He reminded us that no matter how big a vision we are creating for ourselves, we’re often not able to imagine all of the possibilities. Having a vision is powerful. Personally, it helps me to stretch, be focused, and stay in action even when challenges arise. But when we stay open to possibilities we may not yet be able to see, we create the opportunity for experiencing a magical life.

For me, there is great truth in this. I never could have imagined that training with iPEC would lead to me becoming a member of the iPEC team and creating a wellbeing division. There is no plan, strategy, or series of steps I could have designed and taken to land me in my dream job and in a position that did not exist before I came on board. That’s important to emphasize…my dream job did not even exist…until it did!

As you begin to look ahead to 2016, be curious about what you want to consciously design for yourself. One year from now, what would you like to be celebrating? What experiences would you have wanted to create for yourself? What is your vision for the next 365 days?

But, don’t forget the “and more” – whatever goals you set, whatever your vision is, invite in the magic of the universe by adding the simple phrase “and more” – and see what happens.

Wishing you a year of magical outcomes!

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