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Love her or hate her, you have to give Lady Gaga credit…at least I did when I heard the story of how she managed to cut her latest album while on the road. AMP Radio reported that a studio on wheels traveled around with her on her latest tour.

She would finish a concert, get in the rolling studio and record for as many hours as she could while the whole caravan headed off to the next city. Then the caravan would pull over and Lady Gaga would transfer to her bus where she would get in what sleep she could before it was time to play the next event.

She set out on a mission to complete an album while touring and followed up with actions each day to fulfill her vision. I am sure there were nights when she was exhausted from performing and traveling. Times when she may have even wanted to give up and put the album on hold until her tour was done. But she didn’t let her quitter take the lead.

My Final Four Top Anti-Quitting Tips

  1. Create a list of actions that are doable today, schedule them in and then one by one, complete them. These tasks should evolve around things that, when complete, leave you feeling like you spent time in action and you have taken a step closer to your larger goal/mission.
  2. Find out what is blocking you. Without clarity around this you will continue to run up against yourself over and over. It can be difficult to uncover our own patterns. For years, I had a sneaking suspicion I was my own worst enemy in not achieving the level of success I knew I was capable of. It wasn’t until I took the Energy Leadership Index Assessment I saw how I was sabotaging myself.
  3. Get coaching!! Invest in it, barter for it, give up Starbucks or do group coaching but GET COACHING!  I know I would have quit without my coach. I needed to create awareness around what triggered those moments and build the muscle of staying in action in spite of those moments. I never took on a goal in skating, horseback riding, gymnastics, track & field, salsa dancing or writing without a coach. But it was a stretch to think about a life coach…and it was the biggest factor in me staying in the game.

With the insights I have from the Energy Leadership Index Assessment into the patterns I’ve run in the past that have blocked my way and held me back from thriving and the support of my coaches, I can now face that “I want to quit” gremlin and tell it to step aside because my mission is bigger than my old fears and the people I work with don’t get to quit…so neither do I.


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