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On Friday, December 2nd, Neil Goldman shared his formula for success as being a combination of desire and motivation.  This is true for any goal or outcome we wish to achieve.  To overcome a major illness such as cancer or to be there as a caregiver requires many things, but desire and motivation create a strong foundation upon which to build.

My own recovery from loss was first sparked by a deeply buried desire cloaked in the thought that no matter how dark my days were back then, a small piece of me believed there was a reason for me to keep going without Gary.  This was the desire.  The desire to eventually live life again from that place of being engaged, inspired…and on fire as I had been in the past when I was going after my dreams.

Uncovering your desire is a process made more clear when you take some time to explore your core values.  What matters most to you?  For me, making a positive difference in the lives of others was the thread that kept me connected to this world.  I knew I had to find a way to help others facing times of extreme challenges to know that they can have extraordinary lives no matter what they are facing.

What matters most to you?  It becomes the fuel for your actions and your focus.  It also becomes your source of motivation.  Aligning with your desire allows you to consciously choose inspired actions that support your goals and create a plan you follow through with…because you are motivated.

Those who are motivated and engaged in their own healing process with a desire to heal have an incredibly different experience of cancer.  Caregivers who can align their desire to support their loved one with their motivation to ease the journey get to tap into more compassion and can also use this to create balance through self-care.

Neil Goldman is onto something…not just with his great organization but in his understanding that to create the major changes that support our realizing our goals, we must first tap into our desire to do so and our ability to motivate ourselves to take action ~ whether that is following through on a wellness plan, self-advocating for a particular course of treatment or taking on the role of caregiver.

These two elements are key to recovering from the challenging events of a cancer diagnosis or, as it was for me, recreating my life after loss.  As we close out another year, if you are feeling stuck, stressed or overwhelmed and have no idea how to tap into your desire or get motivated, consider doing something different.  Being coached is the only thing that truly got me through my biggest fears and challenges.  Find out what’s been getting in your way with the Energy Leadership Index Assessment so 2012 can be a different year for you.

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