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What if you could have it every day, not just during the holiday season?  What if it wasn’t just a word on a card but instead a feeling inside you?  And what if it had nothing to do with the circumstances of the day, month or year.

When we close out one year and begin the next, there is the natural tendency to do a year in review…and judge it as good or bad…hoping this year will be better.   The answer is, yes it CAN be a better year, better being more energy, less stress, more of what you truly want and less of whatever comes your way.

Setting goals helps.  Creative projects like vision boards, wishlists and visualizations are a strong first step.  Every great story begins with a thought, idea, theme or thesis.  But then the author must dive into developing the main character, which involves understanding their motivation and core values.

Whether it is a screenplay, short story or novel, the writer must eventually create the outline of the journey the main character will experience and the steps and stops along the way of arriving at the destination.  Without this, the story simply remains an idea in the writer’s mind.

If joy is a state of being you wish you had more of every day, it will remain just that…a wish or a longing for.  To truly experience joy daily, you must move it from an ideal or vision by taking actions to create it.

Check back in on Friday, January 6th for the key steps to bringing more J-O-Y into your life.


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