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…extraordinary…nothing less.  What is extraordinary?  It is something that is defined individually by each person.  To some, it may mean climbing Mount Everest.  To others, it may mean a life where they create a loving, connected family.  What extraordinary looks like is up to you.  What it feels like is very exhilarating, inspiring and exciting.

What might it be like to live every day where you simply cannot wait to get out of bed?  Where you know you will cross paths with amazing opportunities and incredible human beings?   What if you got to hang out with those who are masters, creators, full of energy, desire and excitement?  What would it take to live this kind of life? …And do you want it?

The beauty of the human experience lies in the unique qualities and gifts each of us bring to it.  Not in the familiar, similar and safe…at least, not in my world.  I want to stretch, grow, experience and embrace.  I want to participate, learn, move, expand and express.

Life simply must be more…every day…more challenges, more opportunities, more information, more experimentation…more reaching for the stars because, frankly, what the hell do we truly have to lose?

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