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Is today the day you…

  • push past fears
  • forgive yourself or someone else
  • make a difference
  • take a step closer to realizing a dream
  • are kind to yourself
  • take time to laugh with someone you love
  • smile more, not because everything is perfect but just because you choose to?

If you were going to do one thing differently today than you did yesterday, what would it be and how might that change your day, week or your life?  In the “business” of life, it is understandable that we can forget to stop and take a moment to appreciate all we have.  It can be a challenge to break an old pattern and experiment with a different approach.  But, really…what do you have to lose?  What area of your life could use a little extra TLC, time and attention?

In Pygmalion, Pretty Woman, Harry Potter and Star Wars, transformations were all encompassing and took place in a very fairytale like short period of time.  In real life, sustainable change takes place over time through conscious choice.  Last week’s guest blogger, Rob Harris, wrote about his transformation in Caregiving…Martyrs Need Not Apply, about the moment he decided to be his true self as a caregiver and bring humor, thoughtfulness, laughter and light to his role the second time caring for his wife.

There was no magic wand to make this happen.  He did it through observing what he felt hadn’t worked the first time, honoring his core values and his gift to energize others through humor and great energy.  He didn’t tell a story about how hard it would be to laugh in the face of fear, worry or concern.  He didn’t worry about looking good or what others might think.  He got permission from his wife to be clear that she was on board and then he chose how he showed up…and kept making that choice again and again.

In some ways, it is that simple…eventually, you just have to make a choice to do something different or show up in a different way if you want a different outcome.  And then, you practice over and over.  Sometimes the old behavior pops back up.  There is no point in beating yourself up.  Just acknowledge it and then choose again until eventually the new way is your automatic response.

I encourage you to stop for a moment and consider, if there was one thing that doing it differently today or being different about it would change the experience into more of what you want in life, what would that be?  How willing are you to invest a little effort and awareness in stepping into that new space just for today or this week?  You don’t have to stay there forever.  It’s not real estate you’re buying.  Just one simple change that will reduce your stress, lighten your day, make a difference for someone else.

So…is today the day?

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