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Actually, it can but are you listening?  It may have important news and insights to share.

I’ve been an athlete all my life so I have a pretty strong connection to knowing what I’m feeling physically.

In fact, I often experience emotions first as a physical sensation.  Yesterday, I had a breakthrough in that I actually listened up front and allowed my body to give me a message that facilitated prevention.

Yesterday was a big day for me.  It was time to create a new series of videos for my website.  Though I spent twenty years in the film industry, I was behind the camera and not in front of it.  So I did what I know works ~ I hired my business coach, Marni Battista and a great videographer, Craig Scime, to coach me through it.

When I got up in the morning, I notice my left shoulder and neck area was sending me a message.

The way you are thinking about these videos is creating stress for you.

In the past, I would have ignored it, hoped it went away and if it got worse, I’d eventually book a massage to “get rid of it”.  This time, I did my 3 Step O-O Process ~ three simple steps to overcoming overwhelm.  It’s a great de-stressor and if you want to learn more about it then watch for the launch of my new video series coming this fall via my website where I will be sharing it with you.  (Made possible because I hired a coach and an expert so I had a team behind me to learn this new skill fast and at a level not achievable on my own.)

Instead of just pushing through the pain, I listened to my body, acknowledged what I was feeling (stress) and used my tool (3 Step O-O Process) to change the outcome.  No massage required and the pain is gone.

How can listening to your body help you?  What are one or two messages you’ve gotten recently from it?  How might allowing yourself to take a moment and get in touch with it result in prevention instead of pain, exhaustion, low energy or other physical symptoms?

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