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When the world lets me down  
Because of so much violence and hate
When people live in fear, not love
I will be more

When people suffer because they are
This, that, or the other
A different gender, age, ethnicity, sexual preference
Or whatever difference it is that threatens some
I will be more

When we feel we have to protect ourselves with
Restraining orders, guns, living smaller lives
I will be more

When bullets fly and children die
When our innocent and our protectors are not safe
I will be more

When anger hides love
When the political divide tears us apart
When we are no longer one nation, united
I will be more

When my heart aches from headlines
When a simple act of kindness brings tears to my eyes
I will be more

Because I cannot change the choices of another
When my heart breaks from the daily tragedies
I get to choose what I will do and who I will be

I choose love, not hate
I choose freedom, not fear
I choose to share kindness and compassion
I choose to connect and to be curious and to listen
I choose to believe we can be, do, and have more together
I choose to be unstoppable and live an extraordinary life

No matter what it takes
What will you choose?

~Tambre Leighn,
Well Beyond Ordinary

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