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2013 is exploding off the charts for me, which is very exciting.  It also means, I need to stay very organized and use as many tools as possible to streamline my business.  So for anyone living in their high potential zone, here is a short list of my favorites that do the job for me.  All of these have free options and/or free trials.

Dropbox – a lifesaver…period.  File storage system that syncs all your computers and is accessible from your phone as well.  I can pull up any document at any time even from my android.  It also has file sharing capabilities so I’ve used it to replace my old ftp site and share folders with associates and business partners.

Free Conference Calling – a must have.  Easy to use with many great options including ability to record.

Evernote – tired of cutting and pasting research articles into word?  Wasting time searching for those statistics or notes you filed away?  Evernote let’s you clip and save straight from the web into your custom notebooks you can create with tons of tagging options so you can easily search your database as well as share with others.

Schedule Once – a real time saver.  Put an end to constant back and forth emails when trying to schedule a mutually agreeable time slot.  Simply set up custom available times on your account, then send the link to anyone wanting to schedule with you.

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