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Most days, I am what others might consider an optimist.  I absolutely look for the opportunities in everything these days.  Why not?  It simply is a much more peaceful and easy way to live life…and the bonus is guess what shows up?  Opportunities. 

But when it comes to New Years Eve and all the attention on making resolutions, starting with a clean slate and so on, I take a slightly out of character pessimistic stance.

While each day has the potential for us to create it any way we want, the reality is, without some kind of intervention, there is no real blank slate.  You are, frankly, going to drag the same limiting beliefs, self-criticisms and judgments of 2011 into 2012 unless you do something different.

Be honest.  How many times have you said, this is the year I will…

  • Quit smoking
  • Get in shape
  • Reduce my weight
  • Travel
  • Get out of debt
  • Turn my day job into a dream job
  • Spend more time doing things I love
  • And on, and on…

Good intentions…well we know what road they paved and while I don’t believe you’re going to hell for not living the life you truly deserve, perhaps in its own way that IS hell.

How will you have 2012 turn out different than any other year?  Not by calling out your resolution at midnight as you wave a glass of bubbly at it and hoping this time it comes true.  The answer is not a resolution but a solution ~ which is the outcome of a formula where adding ingredients creates change.

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2011 was a game changing year for me.  I accomplished goals I didn’t even have the vision to create this time last year…and I did not do it alone.  Yes, I did the work but success doesn’t occur in a vacuum.  I partnered with two incredible women, Paula Holland De Long and Sharon Roth-Lichtenfeld to found the Cancer Survivorship Coaching Coalition.  And I worked with two of the most incredible coaches, Luke Iorio and Marni Battista.  People do not reach the top of their game on talent, intelligence or hard work alone.

My solution was to get coaching.  I believe it takes a team.  So if you have dreams you haven’t made happen by now, do something different and invest in yourself.  Hire a coach…there are many amazing ones out there who will help you clarify your priorities, uncover your path to success and build your self-confidence to make it happen.

It took an investment, both time and financial, to be coached and for every dollar and hour I invested in the process, the return has come back to me one hundred fold or more.  Coaching works…I am living proof of someone who took their life from what looked like a pile of debris into living on passion and with purpose.  May 2012 bring you possibility and opportunity in every moment.

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