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It doesn’t require fancy wrapping paper, a large budget or ribbons and bows.

Acknowledgment is something that requires only our time and thoughtfulness.  Yet it is one of the most powerful gifts we can give one another.

When we acknowledge someone we:

  • are saying that even in today’s busy world with all that is going on, I see you and I appreciate you
  • encourage them to share the gift or contribution we notice them making
  • model the power of acknowledgment and possibly create the pay it forward ripple effect of them doing the same for others
  • remind them their efforts do make a difference

Today is a day set aside to specifically acknowledge the contributions and sacrifices made in the past, currently and that will be made by those who choose to serve our country. So please take a moment and acknowledge, even if simply in your heart, the contribution these men and women make daily along with their families and friends.  We would not have the freedoms, choices and opportunities we do without those who are willing to make or who have made the greatest sacrifice.

So to the members of our military, with deepest appreciation and respect, today is your special day to be honored…and yet know that every other day of the year, you also remain in our hearts.  In the simplest of words for the greatest of gifts…thank you.

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