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match litThe weekend is over and Monday is here again.  When I was first starting my coaching business, Mondays were often my most challenging days.  They were the days when the ‘can I do this’ questions tended to pop into my head.

Those are old conversations for me now and most days the challenge is not getting fired up, but remembering to stop to eat.  But on the rare occasion I need a quick energetic pick me up, I’ve got a few tools in the toolbox I use.  One of my favorites is to put on some upbeat songs to get inspired.

Here is Tambre’s Kick in the A$$ Playlist to help you fuel your fire:

  • Like I Roll ~ Black Stone Cherry
  • Anything Could Happen ~ Ellie Goulding
  • Diamonds ~ Rihanna
  • Let’s Go ~ Calvin Harris
  • Fly ~ Nicki Minaj
  • Night of Your Life ~ David Guetta & Jennifer Hudson
  • Stronger ~ Kelly Clarkson
  • I Gotta Feeling ~ Black Eyed Peas
  • Survivor ~ Destiny’s Child
  • Get It Started ~ Pitbull
  • Titanium ~ David Guetta & Sia
  • Firework ~ Katy Perry
  • More ~ Usher

Feel free to send me a comment with your own suggestions you’d like to share.  What gets YOU fired up?!

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