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Badge - Panelist“Yes, but…” ~ two words that can be a dream killer, or at least a significant obstacle to turning your vision into reality.  These two small words reside in the land of judgment, specifically in those moments when we judge ourselves to be less than who we believe we need to be in order to live an extraordinary life.

While it is great to have mentors and role models who inspire people to want to do and be more, it’s not uncommon for people to turn those inspirations into reasons why they aren’t [fill in the blank-good/smart/connected/educated/young/old/_______] enough to create a similar life of service and passion…

…which is why I am so excited to be attending and speaking at this year’s Oregon Women’s Conference, July 14th & 15th in Portland.  This year’s theme, “Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things,” is all about helping attendees understand that they have everything they need to bring their unique gift to the world and that extraordinary is not an exclusive club.

Everyone one of the speakers and panelists is an ordinary person who was inspired ~ sometimes by creative thinking and their own unique way of seeing the world and other times by tough personal challenges that had them believe there was a better way to help others go through those challenges with more ease and less suffering.  Now is the perfect time for you to take those hopes you’ve had and turn them into possibilities by joining us at the Oregon Women’s Conference.

Over the course of what promises to be two life changing days, you’ll experience:

  • A stellar line-up of speakers featuring; Lisa Nichols, Michelle Patterson, Keri Murphy, Sekou Andrews, Thomas Blackwell, April Beyer and Endyia Kinney Stearns from OWN, Oprah’s network
  • Five panel discussions focused on the 5 elements of well-being; financial, career, physical, social and community
  • Handpicked exhibitors, live entertainment and lots of time to meet the other amazing attendees.

SpecialGuestWeekMost importantly, this is an opportunity to connect – with the speakers, panelists, sponsors, exhibitors and with each other.  Drop by the Social Wellbeing panel I’m speaking on and find out how to create success and hit high performance goals through powerful and empowering relationships.

There isn’t a single person speaking at this event who has done it alone…connection is a key component to any success formula.  Come create YOUR personal formula for success and the relationships you’ll need to help you continue to build momentum long after the conference is over.

And, great news…you don’t have to wait until the conference to start getting inspired.  Daily, from June 23-27th, host Keri Murphy, has created a virtual event, Get Inspired! to showcase the fantastic speaker line up and help you see the value of attending the OWC this year and overcome those “yes, but…” obstacles that are holding you back from living that extraordinary life at your highest potential. This event will take place every day for 5 days starting June 23-27th at 5pm PST/8pm EST.

Sunday, June 15th, today, is the last day for early bird pricing.  Don’t let a “yes, but…” get in the way of registering now to join me and a large roster of ordinary people who are coming together to guide you to take action on creating your own extraordinary life.  Click here for more information and to register…and thank you to host, Keri Meyers, her team, all of the speakers, panelists and sponsors who are creating an amazing space so we may all be that difference we want to see in the world.

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