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Emergency Response System PSA

Today was my annual boob squish day as I affectionately call it.  As someone who works within the cancer community, I am hyper aware of the importance of prevention and early detection.  Honestly, I am not completely fear-free when I head off to these ritual check ups.  I am grateful we now get the results right away and that the news is all clear for another year.

***We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to remind all women readers, check your calendars and be sure you’ve got your monthly self-checks and annual mammograms marked in whatever color most inspire you…but in BIG letters!  Now back to our regular blogging…***

It’s nice to feel relieved but this feeling also let’s me know I had a reasonable and natural amount of fear around an experience.  It’s not having fear that is an issue…it is what you do with it.  And it must be in the air today because Michael Port’s Think BIG Revolution call was on Fear & Doubt and my fellow blogger, Bonnie Copeland also wrote a great article today on it.  Check out, Talking About 2 F-Words for some great insights.

As Bonnie points out, ignoring fear is not the answer.  Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid, had some excellent advice including employing tools that help you overcome overwhelm which can lead to fear.  Sometimes this is simply getting information you need to answer questions that may be rolling around in your head.  Personally, I reached out to my mastermind group, shared what I was feeling and got some support. 

It was really not the fear of the test that was impacting my day but, as I looked closer, I realized this small, natural response had somehow transformed into a frog and was now leaping from lily pad to lily pad or, in other words, from one fearful thought to another and suddenly I was wondering how I could possibly keep up my recent business successes.  HAH!  How the heck did I get from a mammogram to a fear about my business?!

It is such a long way in between those two lily pads that what it shows me is how the fearful thought about my business is not grounded in any reality whatsoever.  When fear starts to run amok, it is often because something has triggered a limiting belief in some way.  When this happens, I use the awareness my coach training has taught me to stop and take a breath.  Then I fact check and toss aside any beliefs that aren’t serving me.  My final move?  Ask myself what is the most supportive thought or action I can take right now that will move me past fear and into action…then I choose that thought or action over fear.  If I get stuck, like all successful coaches, I reach out to my coach.  Often we can work through our fears alone, but sometimes having someone else hold a non-judgmental space and give us some support is what we need.  It is worth the time and money I invest in having a coach to live a life of action, energy, less stress and very little fear.



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