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Cancer survivors and caregivers are often so overwhelmed with dealing with cancer or caregiving for someone going through it they often have little extra time.  So I’ve created Tambre’s Tips to help people living with and beyond cancer.  These quick twice monthly mini-posts will provide you with insights, resources and tools for coping with cancer and creating a better life after cancer.

To kick off this series…

Tip #1 ~ The Power to Choose…You are the designer of your life.  While you may not have chosen the challenge of dealing with cancer, you can choose how you will respond.  Will you take the reins and make conscious choices to create as much quality of life as possible or will you take a back seat and hope for the best?  When we make decisions and take action steps, even small ones, we feel empowered and it energizes us.

What is one decision or choice you’ve been considering that you know would improve your quality of life that you’ve not yet made?  Is there an element of your survivorship care plan you’ve been meaning to incorporate like exercise or making healthier eating choices?  Or for caregivers, is there a self-care step you’ve been thinking about incorporating?  Choose one step this week and put it into practice, then check in seven days from now and ask if it improved your quality of life…re-evaluate and either recommit or change it up and try something else if you didn’t feel more energized and empowered.

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