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I just had to share this post by Hans Rueffert who had I the incredible opportunity to hear as a speaker at last weekend’s, MD Anderson Cancer Clinic Survivorship Conference in Houston.

In July of 2005, just two weeks after taping the finale of Next Food Network Star, Chef Hans Rueffert was diagnosed with stomach cancer.

This week he wrote about compassion in his blog post, For Crying Out Loud.  It was a great reminder to take a moment to step into someone else’s shoes before we judge. 

This is easy in theory but less so in practice, particularly when we are dealing with our own acute pain ~ be it physical or emotional.  When we’re facing major challenges or going through a traumatic time, it is common to put on blinders and become myopic in how we experience the world around us.

Hans’ honest post delves into moving into a place of compassion through wisdom gained by his personal experience.  And in all of this, remembering to also have self-compassion is key.  Check out For Crying Out Loud and to read more about Hans’ story, click here.

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