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Bodies at rest stay at rest, and bodies in motion stay in motion, unless acted on by an outside force.  People, like objects, become set in their paths, embedded in a constrained reality. As we travel our path, the possible futures, which were once infinite, collapse down to one. One outcome, unchangeable, inescapable. ~ Character of Jake, Touch, Season 2, Episode 8

This is exactly the road I was on after losing my husband to cancer.  I felt not just set on a path but stuck on a path.  Embedded in it.  Constrained by it.  Not a body at rest but a body stuck in darkness.  And, yes the outcome felt singular, something that couldn’t be changed, something completely inescapable.

How do we circumvent the laws of physics?  When we feel stuck, constrained, overwhelmed and unable to move forward, how can we stretch forward, expand and create a different outcome?

There is always more than one approach to a direction change but for me the most powerful experience that most quickly transformed my life in a sustainable way is coaching.   Coaching is truly a parhandshake in spacetnership that uniquely helped me find my own success formula for breaking through patterns that had held me back for years.  More importantly, my coach helped me reconnect with my passion and find the greater purpose out of the loss I’d experienced.

Hiring a coach can involve a fairly significant investment of resources ~ both time and money.  For me, that investment was priceless and paid off as the singular thing that helped me live the life I always knew I was capable of, playing at my highest potential.  And it’s not all about me…I’ve absolutely been able to share the benefits of investing in myself with the clients who choose to coach with me so they, too, can live and lead their most extraordinary life…lives unconstrained, in motion.

Coaching is that “outside force”…except that it is not forceful but supportive, inspiring.  Every day I am grateful to Bruce Schneider, iPEC’s founder, Luke Iorio, my coach and the President/CEO of iPEC and all the amazing trainers and students and fellow graduates who provide me with the opportunity to continue to bring more mastery and stay in motion.

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